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Gift Pack - Jean 2

CHF 69.90

Everyone around you is having babies and you don't know what to get them? Search no more, here is the Sustain a Bum gift pack! It is the ideal gift for conscious parents, allowing them to try out cloth diapers easily with everything they need. 

The pack comes with 2 diapers, a waterproof bag2 additional inserts and a roll of 100 sheets of liner (to dispose of solids easily).


Health benefits

  • Certified textile by SGS - no toxics 
  • Laminated polyester outer lining (waterproof)
  • Inside made of super soft fleece

Practical and convenient

  • One-size-fits-all with S-M-L settings (5-15 kg)
  • Elastic around waist and legs to avoid leaks
  • 3 layers absorbant insert included

Money saved

  • Save 1'800 CHF/1'500 € per kid
  • Need 15-20 Sustain a Bum diapers to use full time
  • Last the time baby is in diapers, can be used for the next kid

Environmental impact

  • Avoid producing and buying 6'000 disposable diapers
  • Prevent 1'000 kg of waste per kid
  • No more air, water and soil pollution

Read detailed instructions here (EN, DE, FR)

Make the good choice for your health, your wallet and the planet!

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