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At Sustain a Living, our vision is a world where everyone uses sustainable products, produce no waste and consume few resources in order to remain within the planet boundaries.

The first step of this vision was to introduce the cloth diaper brand Sustain a Bum in 2013 order to reduce diaper waste and resource use in Europe and North America by providing beautiful, reliable, one-size-fits-all to consumers. 

Moving forward, we are enlarging our range to provide sustainable hygiene products to people from 0 to 99 years old: it starts with menstrual cups and organic condoms!




Gabrielle has worked as a sustainability practitioner first for Toyota where she coordinated the Sustainability Report 2010 for Toyota Motor Europe. She then joined DuPont as a sustainability consultant where she passionately and successfully lead projects with multicultural teams. For the sustainability oriented NGO R20, Gabrielle designed, developed and implemented a customized wiki solution, tailor made to the organisation's challenges and geographical spread, allowing for data aggregation and knowledge sharing. 

She obtained a Master of Science degree from ETH Zürich with a focus on Strategy, Sustainability and Knowledge Management. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering that she obtained from EPFL

Fluent in both French and English, Gabrielle deeply cares about sustainability and providing concrete alternative to overconsumption  and believes the technology humans need for a sustainable world is already there, just not yet available to all. 

Being fond of new technologies, she aims at working remotely and is always curious about new opportunities. Right now, she is based in Impact HUB Geneva.

On her free time, she kitesurfs, travels the world to visit friends & discover new places and practices vinyasa yoga. 

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