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15 Pack - Blue

CHF 399.90

The 15 diapers pack of Sustain a Bum diapers provides you everything you need to take care of your baby for all his diaper years. The pack comes with a great color selection plus a waterproof bag to carry both clean and dirty diapers in separate pockets when you are out and about. 

Also, we throw in 6 additional inserts if you need more absorbency during the nights and one roll of 100 sheets of bamboo fleece diaper liner to ease your baby's comfort and facilitate solid handling!



Health benefits

  • Certified textile by SGS - no toxics 
  • Laminated polyester outer lining (waterproof)
  • Inside made of super soft fleece

Practical and convenient

  • One-size-fits-all with S-M-L settings (5-15 kg)
  • Elastic around waist and legs to avoid leaks
  • 3 layers absorbant insert included

Money saved

  • Save 1'800 CHF/1'500 € per kid
  • Need 15-20 Sustain a Bum diapers to use full time
  • Last the time baby is in diapers, can be used for the next kid

Environmental impact

  • Avoid producing and buying 6'000 disposable diapers
  • Prevent 1'000 kg of waste per kid
  • No more air, water and soil pollution

Read detailed instructions here (EN, DE, FR)


Make the good choice for your health, your wallet and the planet!

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