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Menstrual Cup Purple

CHF 35.90

The MeLuna menstrual cup is a very comfortable, practical, cheap and sustainable alternative to tampons & pads:

Health benefits

  • Made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) of medical quality
  • Very safe for internal use, much less risk of toxic shock syndrome 
  • Can be kept inside for 8 to 12 hours without risk

Practical and convenient

  • Comes with instructions and a microfiber storing bag
  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used during at the beginning, the middle and the end of the period
  • Easy to remove thanks to the ball, does not hurt the vaginal wall

Money saved

  • No need to buy tampons or pads anymore
  • Save up to 50 CHF/year

Environmental impact

  • Made in Germany
  • Can be kept 5 years
  • No more waste - 17kg of waste avoided in 5 years


Choose the size according to your morphology:

 Size > 160cm 160 - 175cm < 175cm
No kid Size S Size S-M Size M
1+ kid Size M Size M-L Size L
    • Size S: height: 45mm, width: 38mm, contains 23ml
    • Size M: height: 48mm, width: 41mm, contains 28ml 
    • Size L: height: 51mm, width: 44mm, contains 34ml 


    Make the good choice for your health, your wallet and the planet!

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